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New Product – MicroPulse 6PA

02nd March 2021

The MicroPulse 6PA 128/256 is our latest mains powered Phased Array instrument and better still, the system retains the existing MicroPulse command language and data reporting structures, therefore this can be a seamless upgrade from the MicroPulse 5!

The system has 256 transmitters and 256 receivers. Up to 128 receive channels will be active during any firing (a maximum aperture of 128 channels). The 256 transmitters allow the selected aperture of up to 128 channels to be used in either pulse echo or through transmission modes. The system fully supports phased array and FMC modes of operation. In phased array modes, parallel firing is possible with up to three phased array sweeps and one conventional firing or four phased array sweeps.

In its standard configuration the system has twelve high performance conventional ultrasonic channels. Like the MicroPulse 5 the system is controlled by a separate computer using a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

The open and transparent data format provides a highly flexible instrument with a range of choices for off the shelf commercial software platforms. It is fully compatible with Utex Scientifics highly flexible InspectionWare platform, TWI Crystal™ FMC platform and MIPS/GUIDE.

In the box, you get Peak NDT’s ArrayGen phased array software and this provides an easy introduction to the instrument and the command language making it easier for you to develop your own bespoke user interface.

Key Features:

  • Phased Array Channel Options: 128/256
  • Conventional Channel Options: 12 P/E or TOFD
  • Rugged / reduced weight
  • No forced air intake
  • Easily scalable – two units can be simply paired to provide a seamless 256/512 system, further units can be connected using Peak NDT’s unique MPLink technology – providing further expansion of phased array channels
  • All channels available for beam forming
  • High power phased array channels – user definable pulser voltage available up to 200V
  • Conventional channels – user definable pulser voltage available up to 300 V
  • Inputs for 4 axes of 32bit encoder inputs accepting 5V encoders at rates of up to 700kHz for true pulse on position
  • Outputs digitised waveform and / or peak- detected data with up to 4 hardware gates

For further assistance or to get your more specific questions answered, contact us via sales@peakndt.com or call us on: 01332 738 752.