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MicroPulse MPLT

14th April 2021

The MPLT is one of our compact, rugged multi-channel conventional instruments. It is built on the latest MicroPulse technology and the MPLT takes the LT concept to a new level, making it an easy upgrade. It is available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 channel options. The instrument not only connects to the PC running the test application via Gigabit Ethernet, but it is also Power over Ethernet (or from a separate 48V source). Its compact size and PoE means the MPLT can be located up to 100m from the control PC and positioned close to the inspection head, keeping probe lengths to a minimum.

The MPLT includes user adjustable pulsers up to 200V, parallel firing capability, provides high resolution with up to 100 MHz true sampling, and high data transfer rates up to 120 Megabytes/sec.

The MPLT continues with the open data format and long-established MicroPulse command language and is fully compatible with existing inspection software solutions, such as EDF Energy’s MIPS/GUIDE and Utex Scientifics InspectionWare. The open data format also make it an easy option to write your own bespoke applications in a wide range of software platforms from LabView, MatLab, Visual Studio and Python.

Key Features:

  • Small/ rugged / lightweight/ low power
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Outputs digitized waveform and/or peak-detected data with up to 4 hardware gates
  • Parallel firing capability
  • Extended dynamic range modes
  • High data output- up to 120 Mbytes per second
  • Easily scalable

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