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Phased array Channel Options Conventional Channels Options FMC Capable Data Transfer Speed MP Link Compatible Case Size (H x W x D) and Weight Power over Ethernet

    MicroPulse 6PA

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    32/64, 64/128, 128/256, 256/512 with intersystem cable

    12 P/E or TOFD

    up to 120 Megabytes per second

    Supporting up to 1024 Phased array channels

    180mm x 450mm x 380mm, 12 Kgs

    LTPA 64/128

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    Providing up to 512

    Pulse echo or Pitch-catch

    up to 120 MBytes

    providing up to 512 phased array channels

    120mm x 280mm x 310mm


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    32/32 +32T, 64/64 +64T up to 256/256 + 256T with MPLink

    2 p/e or TOFD

    up to 120 MB/Sec

    Supporting up to 256/256 PA channels

    120mm x 280mm x 310mm and up to 5 Kgs depending on configuration