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MicroPulse FMC


The MicroPulse family was developed as a flexible ultrasonic inspection platform, originally for use in the power and nuclear sector. It connects to the PC via Gigabit Ethernet with data transfer rates of up to 120 Megabytes per second achievable in 8- , 10-, 12- or 16-bit data output modes. The architecture of this variant is targeted at shifting FMC data rapidly. To this end an additional memory card replaces the conventional channels. The standard size enclosure accommodates up to 128 phased array channels, all of which may be used for beam forming, and may be used to acquire PA as well as FMC data.


  • Scalable parallel architecture
  • Multiple units can be linked for a channel count of up to 512
  • Any combination of channels may be used independently in Tx and Rx
  • In FMC mode all programmed receive channels are received simultaneously. No need to multiplex
  • Open data format
  • Highest performance
  • Fast acquisition speed allowing collection of FMC data on the fly
  • Simply reliable communication over Ethernet

Software Platforms

Still in its infancy, FMC and TFM imaging, there is no standard software. Supplied in the box, Peak NDT’s ArrayGen software will get you started with acquiring data. Beyond that it’s up to you. For some, TWI’s Crystal FMC software, or for others Bristol University’s Brain software or UTEX’s offerings may meet their needs, but for research, with the transparent data formats and standard windows sockets, the option offering the ultimate flexibility has to be to write your own, from MatLab, to LabView to various flavours of C and Delphi.

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  • Advanced focusing methods
  • Research and development
  • Inspections where no other solution will work

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