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MicroPulse LT


It connects to a PC running the test application via Ethernet. It takes power from the Ethernet or from a separate 48V power source. It is available as a 2-channel, a 4-channel or an 8-channel version. It is suitable for use in pulse-echo, TOFD and immersion inspections where because of its small size it may be gantry mounted.


  • Small / rugged / lightweight
  • Inputs for 2 axes of encoders for true pulse on position
  • Outputs digitised waveform and / or peak-detected data
  • Up to 4 hardware gates
  • Extended dynamic range modes
  • PoE

Software Platforms

Compatible with existing inspection platforms such as EDF Energy’s MIPS/GUIDE and Winspect/InspectionWare from UTEX, the open data format and long-established MicroPulse command language mean that users also have the option to write their own applications, from Visual Studio to LabView, MatLab and Python.

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  • Immersion tanks
  • Gantry systems
  • In-situ monitoring
  • Small scale inspections in hard to access areas

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