In addition to equipment design and manufacture, Peak NDT is able to offer a range of services, from ultrasonic inspection techniques development and phased array beam modelling, to software support and choice of inspection platform. With our long experience of the industry in almost every sector, we are able to bring a breadth of knowledge to any new inspection problem. But if it’s not about how to do the inspection, but more about how to communicate with the instrumentation and build it into a system we can help there too. Our software, systems and support engineers are available to answer any query. The support of our products does not stop at point of sale or delivery, but continues as long as it is needed.

Ultrasonic techniques development / feasibility studies / consultancy

From conventional pulse-echo, TOFD and PA to through-transmission, double through-transmission and reflective through transmission as used in water-squirter and immersion systems. Can I find xyz defect? Can it be sized? If so, how accurately? We can develop and prove the techniques, write the procedures and provide any technical justifications required and if a simple thickness measurement is all that is needed, we won’t recommend a 512-channel PA system!! The right solution for the task in hand, not the most expensive!

Amplitude and Thickness C-Scans and Radial B-Scan

38degree shear FD=50mm

and with transmit voltage apodisation

Focal law calculator

Available f.o.c with every PA instrument, our focal law .dll is useful if you want to develop your own applications but don’t want to do the difficult sums associated with calculating delay laws yourself. Actually, we prefer you to use our .dll. It has undergone extensive testing and validation not only against other calculators and methods of calculation but also compared with practical measurements of angle generated and focal point achieved. It makes our lives easier when it comes to help with debugging, resolving issues etc as it is not the part that calculates the delays we have to look at.

Software support

Whether it be help with Windows sockets or decoding MicroPulse messages our engineers are available to help you get up and running with your development as rapidly as possibly, with various tools and tricks to help check things along the way including code examples, cribs and test harnesses.