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Peak NDT Win’s Two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

21st April 2022

Peak NDT Ltd is proud to announce that it is one of 232 organisations nationally to be recognised with a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Announced today, Peak NDT Ltd is one of only seven companies to achieve two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in 2022. Peak NDT is extremely proud to have achieved the Queen’s...

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ISO 17025:2017 UKAS Accreditation.

02nd August 2021

Peak NDT are excited to announce that in June 2021 our Calibration Laboratory was officially awarded UKAS accreditation to ISO 17025:2017. This award plays an important part in supporting the provision of accurate and reliable results from laboratory testing and calibration across a variety of sectors in the UK. This accreditation is also internationally recognized!...

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MicroPulse LTPA

01st July 2021

The MicroPulse LTPA is a high performance, flexible, compact, rugged and lightweight ultrasonic inspection instrument. Available in 32/32 + 32Tx, 32/64, 64/64 + 64Tx and 64/128 options, all of which may be used for beam forming. As standard, all the models also have 2 conventional channels. Fully supporting Full Matrix Capture, Plane Wave Imaging, Virtual...

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MicroPulse LT2

02nd June 2021

Recently upgraded to improve the baseline noise performance and power consumption the LT2 is a high performance, compact and flexible conventional ultrasonic instrument with 2, 4 and 8 channel options. It connects to a PC via Gigabit Ethernet currently allowing for data transfers in excess of 40 Megabytes/Sec and includes over 200 Megabytes of data...

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MicroPulse MPLT

14th April 2021

The MPLT is one of our compact, rugged multi-channel conventional instruments. It is built on the latest MicroPulse technology and the MPLT takes the LT concept to a new level, making it an easy upgrade. It is available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 channel options. The instrument not only connects to the PC running...

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New Product – MicroPulse 6PA

02nd March 2021

The MicroPulse 6PA 128/256 is our latest mains powered Phased Array instrument and better still, the system retains the existing MicroPulse command language and data reporting structures, therefore this can be a seamless upgrade from the MicroPulse 5! The system has 256 transmitters and 256 receivers. Up to 128 receive channels will be active during...

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