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At Peak we have always advocated that no one software / development platform is suitable for all applications.

The needs of an inline testing system are completely different to those for the inspection of a nuclear pressure vessel. The open architecture of MicroPulse gives the user unparalleled flexibility. Our competitors call this a hindrance but it is actually a benefit. It gives the user direct access to all the features available in the MicroPulse, rather than trying to wrap the true functionality up into an SDK and means the user can choose the most appropriate software / development platform for their application. Furthermore the MicroPulse, from power on, has its full functionality available, so no BOOTP!

Our Products

MicroPulse LT2
Our range of advanced MicroPulse conventional systems are compact, power over Ethernet units, suitable for use in pulse-echo, TOFD and immersion inspections.
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Peak NDT Industry Product
Full Matrix Capture
Our range of advanced MicroPulse ultrasonic systems has been designed with FMC data capture and data transfer in mind and is used by some of the world’s leading technique developers.
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MicroPulse 6PA
Phased Array
Our range of advanced MicroPulse Phased array ultrasonic systems provide you all the flexibility you may require for the development of your inspection solution.
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