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MicroPulse LTPA

01st July 2021

The MicroPulse LTPA is a high performance, flexible, compact, rugged and lightweight ultrasonic inspection instrument. Available in 32/32 + 32Tx, 32/64, 64/64 + 64Tx and 64/128 options, all of which may be used for beam forming. As standard, all the models also have 2 conventional channels.

Fully supporting Full Matrix Capture, Plane Wave Imaging, Virtual Source Aperture techniques in addition to phased array applications.

With Power and data over ethernet, the instrument can be located close to the inspection zone minimising probe cable lengths. The Gigabit Ethernet provides data throughput up to 120 Mbytes/ second.

The LTPA is interchangeable with the existing MicroPulse Systems, operating with the long standing open and transparent MicroPulse Command language and data format. Peak NDT’s ArrayGen software will get you started, but from then the choice is yours. It is fully compatible with existing inspection software solutions such as EDF Energy’s MIPS/GUIDE, Utex Scientifics InspectionWare, and TWI’s Crystal™ FMC Platform. The open data format also make it an easy option to write your own bespoke applications in a wide range of software platforms such as LabView, MatLab, Visual Studio and Python.

Key Features:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE).
  • No external fans- with the unique air-cradle, the product maintains its internal temperature.
  • All channels available for beam forming.
  • Easily scalable
  • High powered Phased Array channels.
  • High data output- up to 120 Mbytes per second.


  • Pipeline girth weld inspection.
  • Research & development.
  • Inline testing systems.
  • Immersion tanks.
  • Gantry systems.
  • In-situ monitoring.
  • Inspections in hard to access areas.

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